Stop thinking you do not have to be a parent once your child turns 18, and hate to bust your bubble stop thinking it is okay to tell your child he or she must go to college after high school or they have to leave your house. Stop thinking your child will have it all figured out if you did not set them up properly leaving your residence.

Ol skool vs new skool .. let’s be clear there is no real deep comparison and most of you did not properly live too great growing up yourself. We can start physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, verbally etc it does not matter but stop thinking yall lived better than us because yall did this that and the third.

My honest opinion if I do not see you giving back to your community or being an activist to make changes for the community or at least have your children stable before their real life hits then you cannot come to me with that back in my day bs..

I have seen several ol skool that is ran how yall implanted the world should be then I see too fuckin many pretending ass homes i mean the list can go on and on how I feel but until we make a difference now, it wont matter later because our kids will end up growing up in poverty, no real guidance, plus those morals and values will just go in one ear and out the next..

Treat your life now the best way. Teach your kids how to fish so that they will never starve. Guide your kids to the light so that they will always know how to get out the dark. Keep it simple and sacred. You are the tone of your family.

If you have a two parent home both of your words and actions matters And if you have a single parent home both of your words and actions still matter. You should have to fight harder to resolve and put that pride aside that it is not about self all the time. Now if you have multiple families and just cannot juggle between them someway somehow you have to put your big panties or underwear on and be the glue. Sometimes we just want things for ourselves yet it hits us different and boom you sharing time with this person and that.. well time is hardly on anyone sides therefore having an understanding that being in any type of situation can be overwhelming, rewarding, frustrating, exciting, etc it is totally up to you and the person/people you choose to deal with. Just make the most of it and make it all count.

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