Dealing with relationships will take you on journeys that will have your mind feeling like it riding the craziest roller coaster. It will have you going up, down, in circles, rocking back and forth until it comes to a complete stop. Boom! Now you then caught damn whiplash in the neck from all that erking and jerking.. so if you want something safer head to the kid zone since Relationships in the real world will leave you stranded like you a hitch hiker in the dessert waiting to come back to some common grounds.

Dealing with real life issues that are not in your control will have you believing your hair is grey and white before you age. Some things are weird and some things do not make sense until we make it. Things of this world can have one’s mind so cloudy that even the cloud want to get away.

Dealing with an every day life of figuring it out will have your brain going into an automatic shut down if it gets too overwhelmed. You begin to talk more to yourself than others, you begin to walk away from crowds to isolate from everyone and boom then you are sitting alone stressing. Dealing with real life issues of trying to figure it out can not only have you feeling crazy but you get seriously depressed.

There are more situations and scenarios that people are facing daily. Sometimes we fail to realize hurt people will hurt people..and it is not always intentional. It is simply because the hurt is contagious and if it is not treated correctly it will spread rather furiously and quickly.





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