At age 27 I’ve experience more than a little bit of hurt when it comes to the fellas. I will never just blame them; I just never can get it right. Either I am doing too much or I am not doing enough in their eyes. I was too focused on pleasing them and losing myself. Now I have to wake up the future present me. I must live the best life from here to there. I must live like the woman I know I am. I am to not answer to anything less. For my mess is becoming my message.


YES 2020 is already here but my next chapter has not began. In 10 days I plan to do the deepest cleaning. My age only changes, I recycle. Self love is better than no love. Take charge of your life and make it your mission to achieve anything that you would love to do. Never downgrade yourself to upgrade someone. He or she must be able to uplift you just as you do for yourself.

You are somebody. Start believing and receiving the greatest growth. Make progress daily. Never let the world claim you to be lazy. You make time for what you want, need, and future plans.

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