I allowed…

I allowed myself to be treated as if I was dirt.


Pooped on,

Walked through,

Feeling all squishy like mud.

So what I like the aroma of bud.

So what my demeanor is stud.

I had to stay tough skin,

Fukk it now,

My tolerance is thin.

Therefore, now it is a battle,

Better pray for your win,

I don’t spare liars,

Late night creepers,

All day sleepers.

Fake ass thug weepers.

I allowed myself to be mistreated though,

I allowed myself to walk in stress.

I allowed myself to be a single parent with no attachments,

I allowed a lot of things the world told me not to let happen.

Now I am looking like,

Who driving the boat?

I yi Captain.

I allowed myself to travel to get hurt,

Now I gotta shake back.

I allowed myself no victory,


I allowed myself to be loved by men that do not even love themselves properly.

This world woke me up plenty of times to warn me about you slimes,

But What I do?

I allowed myself to be play by them as well as you…


I gotta do better,

I make myself way wetter,

I should have allowed myself to jet off the scene when things first got mean.

I allowed myself another baby out of wedlock,

Now look at the clock.

Time to go,

It’s bee,

She coming back live,

You couldnt keep her in the hive,

She allowed you much time that you persistently fucked up,

She let allowed you no remorse,

Now she has galloped away as a horse should,

I am done wishing,

You know I allowed things, but never no more.

I have allowed myself forgiveness,

Just never forgetting.

I thank God for us splitting,

You were toxic to me just as the rest.

It’s funny,

But I am always hated for my best.

Now here is the ultimate test.

Since I allowed you and the others to hurt me with no revenge,

My success will bite back,

Here you go,

Keep the change.

It aint nothing but stacks,

You should stayed down,

Now who is IT?

Not me,

fucking clown.

I allowed so many jokes to remain funny,

You niggas lame though,

Fuck ya and ya hunnie,

The next gon drain more than money.

Let’s keep that in order.

I allowed you to play me by staying humble,

But fuck it you fumbled,

Now let me take that ball out your hands and put it in scoring position,

I been allowed myself to grow up with no permission.

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