For the last few years I have been focusing on self self self… self included rebuilding my relationship with God, making sure I find myself and be the best MOTHER NOT MOTHER & FATHER TO MY KIDS !!


Life for the 🐝 has not been the most happiest but indeed the greatest so far. Every mess became a better message. Each test turned into a testimony.

“Living Your Truths”

Who are you?

What do you do?

Where are you from?

When are you available?

Why do you want to know?

Yeah, those are some common things this world digs and digs .

So do you answer with an answer?

Or do you answer with another question?

Your call,

Your ball,

To me I just say live your truths.

Izzy B Janea Too

I entertain, educate and elevate.

Why hate?

I have two young black boys to delegate.

Their life aint smooth like someone who ice skating.

See where I’m from be happy when you cross every milestone.

Most dont even age up,

Instead we meeting up at their head tomb,

Now I need to be alone.

Grieve in peace

Man life is death,

Be happy,

Live truthfully,

Many cannot even keep their eyes shut,

Daily life in confinement,

Abusive situations,

I just need to know me,

My circles of life,

No one has time to be stabbed constantly with a lil pocket knife.

I could have been a wife,

But who wants a fake husband.

Who wants a miserable life for eternity.

People fail to realize the nicest people are the ones who struggle the most internally while the rich remain blinded externally.

Wake up and live your truths.

Just know who I am is not who they claim,

But being so willingly, open for a real love,

There is only self to blame for living in their truths,

Not my own.

Build your self in God’s image, word, footsteps, and not in the worldly things.

Always remember to live your truth.

There are several ways to reboot.





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