Daily Decisions

Waking up every day thinking what should I write about, what should I talk about, what could I do productive today can be super random. I love to stay busy, but sometimes I cannot focus on everything all at once since I am just one person. Then boom, time flies by and you procrastinated now you looking like damn so much has faded.

I guess that is why many stick to the script. They rehearse and make sure of their topic right? Well I tend to stick the topic at hand, but I do not want to be redundant nor repetitive to the same patterns of the world. Of course sharing what I have to say will be unique because it is written by me; however, the mind already tells you I heard this before. The body shows that you seen what is getting ready to happen so the soul eventually announces do not invest your time. Smh

That is when I consider the world confused. We can all definitely relate on a day to day basis of what we face but the story is never told or created the same. Keep that in mind as you channel your brain to challenge yourself to be the best you regardless of what the world shows.


I challenge you all the rest of month to be the best you no matter what. I do not care if you see 1000 best selling authors, you still put out your content. I do not care if you have to compete against millions of other dancers you better continue to dance as if you are the only one being watched. Make sure you leave your footprints with success and always wake up to do your best . This world will eat you up alive if you let it consume you away from what you are called to do. Make sense of your path. Do the correct math, read and write up your blue print and watch how God’s work in you transpire into the greatest that you could ever imagine 💛

It started within now it is time for it to come out and shine its natural beauty.





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