Dear Diary,

“My Happiness is My Sanity”

My heart bleeds,

My mind pushes out to succeed,

My happiness is my sanity,

I cannot stand to see those live in greed.

We are all facing downs while trying to come up,

We are all working to come up so we can feel back that glow.

Life is chaotic enough,

We just want happiness.

We want to remain sane.

We do not want to wake up every day in pain.

Sometimes we want to hear the peaceful streams of rain,

But then we want to shut it up because it sends malfunctions to the brain.

Damn we just want happiness to remain.

It is our way of serenity.

Feeling no pity,

No fake chemistry.

My happiness is my sanity,

So I dare you not to fuck with it.

I dare you to let it be,

I dare you to let me flee and be me.

My happiness is my sanity,

I just want to reciprocate it frequently.

I love when I see others happy.

Their sanity is covered, unbothered,

Our sanity creates happiness.

Fix how you live by forgiving self.

Fix your sanity into happiness by letting by gones be by gones.

Wake up every day telling yourself to never become unhappy ever again because even with your toughest battles. There is a path out there for you to win.


Reading this book really brought some insight back to myself. It helped regained my strength that I was losing. It brought back hope into my calling and woke me up to say BIHHH STOP STALLING!! You know you should be balling. I pray if you ever get a chance to read this book you find the truth to yourself and stop playing the victim. Life is what you make it. So if you want to have a hard head remember that ass gon remain soft.

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