“Recreating What Is Broken”

I admire people who chase their passions. I love to see my community winning and grinning more than fighting and violating. I look at my people and just be like stop hating. Do some real delegating. You know why most of my generation be stuck about a buck. Truth bee tells . Think about how you present your child to the world. Think about how you raising them. Think about what you teaching them, the list can go on and on but for real you see all this thinking about this, think about that will have your mind all confused. So start speaking KNOWLEDGE WISDOM AND UNDERSTANDING. MAKE SURE THEY LEARN THEY THINK TO KNOW SO THAT THEY CAN GROW!


I cannot say growing up was the easiest for me but it was not extremely hard. I always had up my guard. I always read out any fraud. But the things I was missing I did not pay attention because I was so eager to experience being a kid. I listened well, but I did not hear anything besides blah blah blah. I was drained in rules that I did not want to follow. I was pushed to be myself regardless what others thought. I could not take being a little girl serious. Too much was happening. In my mom and dad’s house at the time I was the next captain. I aint know how to steer the wheels of the boat, but I knew I was going to follow the steps of billy the goat and noonie goonie.

Life was pretty complex but simple haha I remember when I received my first period and pimple. I was not spazzing but I was definitely not feeling the dazzling. I hated it. Yet I was only taught what I needed to know.

Eventually I was able to gather myself and figure things out that this life I was living was not what my parents intended because I started to not gives two flying fucks since they wasnt together. I had to recreate what was broken and still it is tough because the pieces been shattered way before them.

So what is broken to heal the community can always shake back but we just have to channel our minds to the action for it to take off the right way. My kids gonna be grown before I blink my eyes 1000 more times and I cannot and will not have them out here unprepared in this crazy ass adult life. Live your truths. Get these kids on the better path. Our generation too smart to keep this bs going. Let’s make the the math equal out what it should be… Recreating What Is Broken. What is your golden token?

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