I remember when I first got asked was I a poet, I wish I knew it then. I wish I would have lived that life instead of chasing the athlete. My words more lethal than a gun. My mind more hotter than the sun. I look to the sky when it is dark, but I do the same when it is light. Why must this community fight the wrong fight? I remember when I first got asked was I a poet, had I known this would be my choice I would have been fixed my volume on my voice. I would have been standing up in my words, shitting on big terds. Yeah im that raw n uncut. Fuck having a big butt, big beautiful breast. Do you really know how to caress and undress? Life in the adult world. A big fukkin mess. Time for the voice to come out the cage, full rage but sincere. Losing is something I never fear. Yall should have just kept it cordial now the bitch have to appear. Hell, I remember when I was asked am I a poet. In reality I was just sitting in class doing my assignment as told, then when this adult life hit me I gotta run it, be bold.

#WriterThoughts #backtalkBEE👥🐝

I really love writing rather I get commission or not. I really love my free spirit to the way I express myself through spoken language. At this point in my life I cannot live stressed. I have two young kings in the making looking at me to do my best. The life I know I was living to the life I am currently living I knew I was a writer but I did not know this would be the kick start to me living a better life for me and my kids.

It is 5:04 am and I currently releasing on the throne. Man the shit I let inside my body must go. I do not want to harm anyone physically because of my rage. So continue to write 🐝 turn to the next page. Ask yourself, who are you and what is that you do?

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