Dear School Systems,

This is for whoever it concern,

Why are yall making it so difficult for kids to get in school just to learn?

This is very absurd.

You know what I just earned, a nice walking exercise which was much needed,

But must it be so difficult to enroll a student.


And I know this aint no poor state,

Why the hell yall dont have school bus where elementary students can wait.

Baby everybody is not fortunate to do drop offs and pick ups.

This is very absurd.

I did my best to remain calm,

Walking in the cold with my two little ones bundled up,

Man supply me a lifetime supply of things we need including lip balm.

Too cold to be walking a mile just to get turned away because of some documents that is needed on file.

Look it’s been a minute that I lived out here,


Dear School Systems,

Some of yall are very ass backward.


I took a walk to go enroll my son to school just to get told no he cannot start because of documents. First of all, tf you suppose to at least enroll the student and list any documents that is needed to be returned especially if it is the start of morning and I am showing my proof of residence. I really am tripping out because they expect you to walk a mile with a young child in whatever type of weather condition just to learn. Sheesh people weird these days.

So first it is a process just to enroll, second yall do not have school bus to pick up and drop off regularly tuahhh what more can go on .. I just do not get this world and the systems for education. These teachers already be pissed because yall do not pay them enough to deal with other people kids. So now I have to make sure my child is not falling behind because of the teachers being underpaid or having a crappy ass morning that will ruin the day. Oh yeaaa not to mention the bullying, the violence, and bad protocols that are hidden. Oops am I starting to speak too much.. nahh I am not speaking enough.

Dear School Systems, for a person like me life is already tough but for my kids I do not need it to be even more rough.

This is just the beginning to an unedit feeling. #WriterThoughts #MorningRants #DearSchoolSystems #IzzyBJaneaToo #Follow #Like #Share #Repost

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