Small Business Owners

One day you are working nine to five

The next you thinking how am I surviving,

Am I really still alive?

Am I really over 18 not shot the fuck up, not in confinement doing a life sentence?

Wow I am a free human,

I can do what I need and want,

So boom!!

Delegation time.

Not to be bossy,


Or Flossy,

But I am no one slave.

That shit was not even cool back in the days,

Now what?

Who should become?

What shall you do?

Why are you choosing your field of choice?

Well being a small business owner speaks volume when everything about you has its own voice.

I walk different,

I talk different,

Simply just move different,

Yet me, you, and the rest are slick equal right?

Yeaaa so they say..

Lol well I hate to break it down to ya but nobody will never get an opportunity to compare us like that due to the fact you are your own person, personality and principles. Therefore you should set the bar high. Never let others take you out of your element to degrade your character. I built me, I raised me, I gave me my mindset;however, my people is the reason I had to jump off the porch. Felt like they was struggling with the fire torch and could not put it out so here is fire red. Flames only get higher!


So one day when I was told to go work from home because I do not belong type shit at this job I challenged myself and never looked back. I was always intelligent and acing shit but I failed myself. I let my mind, body, soul, and goals go empty. I deserted myself. I gave up on my dreams, started changing my streams and sending out balance beams of others life instead of my own.

Pushing forward going into year 3 of planning, preparing, creating my purposes has given me much pride to not promote my work. I was just doing this because I love it. It comes naturally and I can be wherever getting it done. I was like this slick fire. I can be the one to hire. I can push others to the tallest wire. No fire process.. yess i am all for it

So the day I chose to start investing into what I do was when I finally registered my head this is a business. Now how will you handle it cause niggasssss is grimy and bitchesssss are silky and slimy ..

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