When the next 12 am strikes the clock…

This is your last 24 hours in the 2k19, I pray you all cross over to the upcoming year. This year may have been tough for some, more blessings than a little bit or just neutral. Overall, the year is finally ending and the only thing I have left to give is a positive message that is pending.

From start to finish just reevaluate your outlook on your self, your circles and the things you chose to say or do. It is up to you to make your next years all happy tears.


Think less, know more from this point. Do not let the next one stop you from putting out your hot new joint. Life is tough, but keep your tough skin. You were born to win. This your last 24 hours in the 2k19 and a person like me just want to see you cross over to the next year.

This year has been full of laughter, smiles, tears, hurt, broken bonds, pain, happy moments, sexy ones, even ugly. A person who has experience their life only has the truth to explain even though the lies are surrounded. Not everyone is here to believe you, nor give two fucks about what you do. Therefore, make your last day of the year be the day you make all negative vibes disappear. The upcoming year only want to reach success. Make sure you put out your best foot and shiniest tooth or you will continue to get the boot.

#writerthoughts #last24hours #Whatyougondo

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