Every day has been a job search, where to secure the next bag but once I hit the scene everything becomes a nag, something like an old hag. Something that gets tossed after used.. something like a dirty rag. Working hard, but the higher bosses want to take all the credit, damn yall already wealthy. Why cant the workers have anything extra? Why make your team stress? I just have a few things to address to those who have a staff that achieves nothing but the best.


Sitting on the throne trying to let all this shit go literally. I cannot just begin to tell you the thoughts about jobs that generates billions of dollars but only settle to pay their people a shortage. Tf🙄 I just do not get it. You rather see your team falling then balling? That is pretty ass backwards.

I just really want to understand how we all gon win if somebody suppose to lose. The life we living in the adult world is cool until you have those bills that look at you like hahaha I gotcha fool, time to drown in the pool. Smh who really wants to live like that? Nobody. I refuse. And damn sure refuse to see anyone around me struggling especially if I have it to give.

Life is already hard af these days!! It is 3:11am at the moment and I just wonder as I continue to put more and more work into my passions will I have the best results when it is time for my glow up. Overall, stop making things more complicated and help your team get generated!

#WriterThoughts #backtalkBEE👥🐝

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