Weight Loss Journey

After a baby or two,

A mother will look at her body like what to do.

Should I become a gym rat?

Should I eat these diet meal plans?

What should I do, What Could I do?

Well weight loss varies,

Everybody journey will never be the same.

Everybody results will not move as swiftly like others.

Overall your weight loss journey is up to you and how much you intake.

How you decide to move daily is totally up to you.

You can be that inactive mother or the one who gets that ass up and move around.


I started realizing that my weight was not coming off me for various reasons, many seasons. I was holding on to so much hurt, unrealistic weight loss dreams etc. so boom one day I decided to make this video which got me in trouble (like almost 3 years ago) yet it took me to another level. Finally seeing me again after some years of attempting to get weight off I went from 254 ish til currently 210 ish even after having my second kid who is almost 8 months. I just thank the Most High for this journey. The blood, sweat and tears has been worth it. #ThickNFit #DancingBee #BeeStyler #WriterThoughts #KGates #ImagineThat #PushIt #IdontOwnAnyRightsToTheMusic #VloggingWithBee #BPAW #backtalkBEE

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