I wonder why…

I wonder why people fall in lust and not love.

I wonder why people get into relationships and create situationships.

I wonder why people just cannot be honest about their relationships or affairs,

I wonder why people get mad at others when all the signs of warning been there.

I wonder why we living in a world of fictitious type of feelings.

I wonder why so much that I am starting to think things are normal to end in a relationship after a few months.

I wonder why we cannot get this world to a happier society.

I wonder why people just think so highly of themselves as if they are better than the rest.

I wonder why I love to write so much.

I wonder why I speak so much positive vibes to others.

I wonder why people are lurking me but never looking for me.

I wonder why people hate on your success than they love that you are reaching it.

#backtalkbee #iwonderwhy

I use to wonder why sooooo much until I stop looking for that answer. I had to start creating my answers from the problems that I wonder about, I had to experience pain and pleasure to find out the why. It was definitely a scavenger hunt and still is to this day when trying to discover things. I just wonder why people do the things they do and say the things they say. Overall, we all just wanna know why to something.

So if you reach this part tell me why or why not you are supporting my movement


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