Damn I wish I was a baby again…

Damn I wish I was a little baby again…

so cute and cuddly,



Straight bubbly.

Getting held,


Loved on just because..

Damn I wish I was little kid again,

Running outside,

Jumping in muddy puddles,

Playing in the rain,

Pretending I am the driver on the train.

All aboard,

Damn I wish I was a teen again,

Hanging out with my friends,

Late nights,

Early sunrise,

Oh shitt we gon miss the bus,

Now I’m this adult just looking back

Damn I wish I could be a baby again.


I really am just looking at my boys like wow I am really a parent of two now. Second, just thinking like I wish I could give them everything that I never had plus more right right now. They don’t belong in the struggle, they don’t belong in anywhere that will have them feeling unloved. They are my boys that will eventually be men. I just look at my boys like I don’t want them to ever feel a heartbreak, yet I know one day it will happen. My boys are something special to me regardless what issues I have to face. They are my greatest gifts. They are God’s children but He gave them to me. Damn I wish I was a baby again lol they get to be loved genuinely!!

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