Ayzia pulled up to Bam’s baby daddy house but of course Bam was not trying to talk to her since she was hostile. Ayzia and Bam knew they was not going to ever stop talking to each other; however, Bam’s baby daddy don’t like Ayzia.

Bam told Ayzia she would come over later if she is not on the bullshit. She really do love Bam but she not trying to make up with her. Ayzia in the driveway like where your baby daddy at, where ya baby daddy at.. he talked all that noise while I was on lockdown. Mind you Ayzia aint nun but 5 ft maybe 2 inches but will test all hands out.

Bam just walked away. Ayzia did not even care so she drove off and told Bam to lose contact after she said he gonna stick with you until he get stuck.

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