“I use to…”

I use to look at myself with no confidence,

I use to think of myself as a fat ass lil girl with no twirl,

I use to talk so ugly that I never thought I was pretty.

I use to smell myself thinking of great fragrance but instead I got clowned since I chose sweating outside.

I was really down to ride, until I got on my bike and fell 🤣🤣

Man oh man,

Just thinking about it that shit did hurt.

I use to be the chick who give enemies my last shirt,

And found out family use to throw my name under the dirt.

I use to look at people with so many smiles,

Until I realize most was fraud and not so hard.

How dare you play with bee the wild card?

I use to be tough skin until I had to shed into the kind that knew it was not getting left behind.

I use to be yella belly, ms piggy, cheeky red until I realize my youth is dead.

I use to be this and that..

Now what?

I use to think heavily until I learned about knowing.

I use to be average now I’m just a petty savage.

I use to be big red until Izzy B. was discovered.

I use to cry, but now I laugh so much that I forget I am so unbothered.

The damage is real,

I use to let shit get to me,

But when I woke up and saw that was some shit that use to happen,

I said let me stop worrying about what I use to do and get on to what I need to do..



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