See you know we good, great and sometimes just crazy. Our love is a whole different type of passion. I just do not want to lose you again, not to anyone or the streets. We been at this ride or die for quite sometime, but I am a family person. I made you your favorite type of breakfast, lunch, dinner and if you forgive me I will be home for dessert. No matter what you decide, I have it all worked out on my end. I just need to know what you feeling. Call me or Text Me once you open the box I am not looking to be ignored.

Two seconds after opening the box… Ayzia knew actually where to pull up. Of course Bam do not know the word was just was waiting to be confirmed. As she put the message on read Bam knew Ayzia was pissed. She must have felt my belly immediately and just kept quiet Bam thought to herself.

Bam: Babe pick up…

Ayzia: NO, OPEN THE DOOR .. I’m here at your baby daddy’s house.

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