Ayzia and Bam

Ayzia and Bam continued their moment of passion glazing into another eyes, enjoying love making as the sunrise. Ayzia knew something was up as she was caressing Bam started resisting. In the back of her mind she was wondering why especially since it has been a very long time. Ayzia kissed her gently and held her. Bam began to shed tears but she did not say anything. Ayzia just wiped her face and told her,” I am not going back so do not worry, I am here.”

She ran her hands through Bam’s long curly hair, smiling at her showing her more passion than they have ever shared before, but Bam just could not fake it with her. She have too much love for her. See before Ayzia went away to do her time, they were always back and forth. Bam did not like Ayzia’s flirty friends, especially the men. Ayzia was the business woman in the streets, so she had to be tough shit to handle whatever came her way; and sometimes it meant stepping away from Bam, so she became unhappy. She did not let go at first because she told her she would stop, but…

It eventually brought Bam to the mindset of “I do not have to deal with this.” so she didn’t….She decided to do her thang while Ayzia was dealing with her business.

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