They Just Be Peeping…

When I start to look at you my eyes have to wander away. Your eyes make me wanna stare longer, your lips make me wanna kiss you passionately, the touch of your hands I could only imagine cause when you get a lil close, my mind go into overdose.

Learning how to control emotional waves can be some major test since everyone you meet is not for your heat. But when you see something approachable, you definitely wanna feel at your best even when you do not look it.


INFATUATION IS ONE ADDICTION MANY CANNOT ESCAPE. It makes you crave others in ways that sometimes actions handle the explaining. Truth bee tells is that most new feelings can be avoided by redirection; however, when that channel in your mind plays over and over you tend to watch it and seek common interest. Overall, everyone be careful while you out there seeking cause there are those that will confuse you. They just be peeping.

#WriterThoughtsLateAm #TheyJustBePeeping

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