Ayzia and Bam

The two love birds finally reunited after Ayzia’s long time being held in confinement. When you are violating your probation things like that take place; therefore, be careful since it really is you do the crime, you pay with time. Ayzia missed her Bam so much she could not stop embracing her. She finally felt her cuddle buddy face to face. They both were so surprise that the moment finally was happening that when they woke up they realize it was not a dream..

“Babeee it is really you,” Bam said as she jumped on Ayzia. She started kissing her immediately, caressing her glazing body. Ayzia instantly got it poppin. She flipped Bam on her back as she started grazing her softly caressing her nipples to the point wetness began to appear. Working her way down to her navel Ayzia stopped and told Bam.. ” Damn I been waiting to love on you bae, I been waiting for this moment, especially to look into the hazel eyes. I missed you like crazy girl.” Then she proceeded. Bam looking into lala land like this shit about to be extra great.

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