Any day now my hunny will be coming home, but damn I’m still trying to have a bit more fun. I have to go super hard because once she is home no telling what type of changes I will be dealing with. Once last sleep over for the Bam.

There was an invite sent out to two people for a late night exclusive, both immediately accepted when it said free entrance and bring a buddy. They hit up their buddies to be ready by 9.

Time did not stand still long, the door bell rung and the host opened the door guiding the guest to the show room where the music was jumping. Bam entered the room in some knee high leather boots with a cat suit on that was squeezing every curve of the hour glass body shaped. Her breast set super pretty through the mesh brazier material where her nipple rings poked out. Let’s just say Bam was on full. She was the baddest in the room and all eyes were on her like some new tasty chocolate.

One couple immediately made their way towards her; they knew what time it was when that ass jiggled while she walked in. The wife of the couple grabbed her husband to tongue down Bam. She did not hesitate to kiss back. The steam in the room began to take off once Bam started dancing and stripping down to her undergarments. The other couple flames began to heat up once the goddess was standing completely nude.They wanted in too. They couldn’t pass up an opportunity of playing with something tight, wet and soft.

Then boom..
Waking up from an exotic dream, next to Bam was Ayzia. She immediately kissed her lips and tears of happiness fell down from her sleeping eyes…

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