“No Title For Now.. Rough Draft”

All I ever imagine was loving me one black man for the rest of my life, raising kids and living life but then when all i see is them playing cat and mouse not wanting to build a real house to create a home well now… IM OVER IT IM SICK OF IT I CANT SAY I HATE YALL BUT I DEFINITELY WILL NOT PUT MY TRUST INTO LOVING ANOTHER ONE …

Time to experience way different

I dont need no step daddies

I dont need no more bullshit from none of yall

I dont need no fake love yous

I dont need no fake compliments

I dont need it!

Fuck a marriage (no disrespect to those that are happy in love, THANK GOD THERE ARE A FEW PEOPLE THAT CAN STILL IMPLEMENT IT GENUINELY) I wish the fuck I would ever say I do to any of yall.. yall cant even stop saying i do to these whack ass homewrecking hoes !!

At this point if you take me out I AINT PAYING FOR SHIT UNLESS I OFFER TO TAKE YOU OUT TBH MIGHT MAKE IT A DUTCH DATE THEN 🤷🏽‍♀️ oh yeahhh dont be looking for no meet n greet with my kids ..none of that overnight shit one nights no nights… take my black ass back home and carry on with your night!!

NOT ALL BLACK MEN BUT MAJORITY OF YALL ARE FUCKING STUPID!! Yall need to get it together for real for real!! 🤦🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️ i hate that it had come to this point, but let me give yall a prediction for this 2020 vision thats awaiting to take place I WILL NEVER LOSE and TAKING ANOTHER BLACK MAN SERIOUS TO DATE HAHAHA HELL GON BE FROZEN BEFORE THAT HAPPENS AGAIN!





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