#3AMWriterThoughts #PencilsandPens

Type of 💩 me and Izzy Bee do at 3:15 AM


A pencil is poison, A pen bleeds ink. Either damage can be permanent, but both of them write. Both have been proven to get erased;yet,one leaves such a stronger taste that cannot be copied or pasted. Erasing the pencil shedding away, ughhh feeling like time has been wasted. My work is still incomplete, and soon I will have to get up with my two feet go to class, hand this effortless assignment in, hopefully I pass. I bullshitted through the information this time, awww damn my paper is a slime. Drum Roll Please, BOOM I DID IT! Finessed my dime. 10 out of 10, I can grin again.

With my pencil I can achieve anything, with my pen I will get everything. With both, I will dominate something from nothing form it into its sharpness from the lead. I will lead the pencil and pen to its breaking point that only victory comes after. I will resharpen and supply more ink, with my pencil and pen I have everything I need. I will not sink, I will make my haters constantly blink. With my pencil and pen no one can stop my progress. Now let me write these books and fix this shitty mess. This world is a regress but as a strong individual, I will stand out from the rest, especially with my pencil and pen that I only choose to carry and win.

#latenights #EarlyMornings #3AMwriterthoughts #pencilsandpens

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