#3AMWriterThoughts #MoneyIssues

Soooo you know how they say money is the root to all evil, well it is.. just like people who own it. Money make people crazy. Money make people lazy. Money will have people mad at you for years, hell even when people die the money will have you in tears. Shit just weird.. money money money, what did people do before printed money? How did people make it without the dollar bill.. who really discovered money?? Lol money this money that.. i know we need it now to survive jn this man made ass world, but why are people so uptight with breaking bread? Then be all upset when you end up stressed or dead? Why do jobs hold extra money from workers like they not the reasons why the companies are cycling the seasons?

Money Money Money,

Always an issue,

Crazy part about it rips easier than tissue,

Blow through it faster than the boogers in your nose,

I suppose you make more than enough,

You can go wherever.

You can make it out the hole that is tough,

Yet, when you see a struggling soul,

You wake up thinking damn they life rough…

But you walking around with commas in your account,

Holding grips and larges sums of whatever amount…

Gottdamn money!!

#backtalkBEE #UnEdit #FreestyleGuro

#IzzyBJaneaToo #3AMWriterThoughts #BPAW #MoneyIssues

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