I got new mottos for this love💩 yall men need to understand just like us women. But first thing first..LET ME START BY SAYING BLACK MEN I LOVE YALL BUT DO BETTER SO OUR YOUNGINS CAN KNOW BETTER BE BETTER TEACH AND GUIDE BETTER!! We cannot call yall great fathers, husbands, men of excellence if yall wanna be known around for thotting like hoes and not plotting like pros!! #IMWITHTHESHITS #YALLTHENPUTMEONEDGE i have a word for damn near every subject but i choose to focus on my community first!!

You know why they laugh at us black people.. lol hell i would laugh at us too!!

Yall niggas hate each other more than yall spread love.

Yall niggas hate success from your own kind and look up to see others shine.. wondering why i have to pay a fine versus building my money line.. smh who wanted it more than us? I dont see others at each other like throats and necks eyeballs and pupils lips to ankles gripping wrist til blood disappears no adrenaline pumping, vessels evaporated, death await… and the fuck shit still cannot wait .. how much longer til yall wake the fuck up and see they want us living off plastic plates? Finding cheap ways to go get skates, for real who want it more than us? I see so much hate, sometimes i look at heaven and say i cannot wait. i dislike this society and how it dishes out a plate. I got new mottos for this love 💩 fuck that fake shit!! It aint for the beastly pit. I gotta deal with niggas who appear to be a ghost, ones that walk and always boast, dish out fake toasts..I come with too much heat, headache aparantly when all i wanna do is go on wild cool crazy calm adventures under and over the sea. Yall niggas hate to see love blossom these days. I say yall niggas cause thats how we really walk around and classify then get pissed when the next kind look us in the eye and say the same thing yet it makes us cry… idk why? Smh yall niggas is something hell, and me im one of those niggas that fell. But guess what im one of those niggas you cannot tell bullshit and think its gonna fly. Im that nigga who will address you the president and the richest man mama with the same energy.

Yall niggas hate when they say us black women and men dont stand a chance but hell look what we doing to each other…

hell in my eyes im a single mother, young black and well educated. Yet im hated, a disgrace, and consider some type of statistic in the world. Yall niggas better wake the fuck up and be some great niggas!! I claim nothing but success peace love and happiness for yall niggas including myself !! WE FUCKKINN NEED IT!!

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