Damn time flies!!!

In life we tend to start many things, finish most, make progress in some and just forget the thought about the rest. The great part about it is that we strive every day to do our best or at least better than we did the previous day. Overall, one must never let anyone or anything stop their overachievements from happening, goals being met, and growth in success.

It is literally less than a year away that marks my 10th year of being an high school graduate. What do I have to show for it? What have I achieved since graduation day? How have I been living as an adult? What can I share to the next about my experience and journey so far? Could I really make a difference in one’s future?

The things that I started my oh my, I can say that I am pleased with myself. Things that got finish lawdddd when I say GRATEFUL I am, I am grateful. It reminds me how those things that were forgotten should come back to life. My strength is everything. Damn near 10 years later and I still have plenty of life to live. This is just the beginning.

I have experienced highs, lows, neutrals, and extremely terrible; I am still standing firm and always ready to press forward. The rest of my 20s is mine..



Damn time flies,

I remember those cries,

No more gym

No more watching my homies skipping through the halls,

Watching random ass shit,

Or sneaking in class answering my phone calls from you have a collect call…

Lol but anywho

Damn time flies…

I remember when I first entered high school as a buccaneer.

Nigga I made it,

Dapping off my childhood friends.

My mama definitely did not want me in public school, especially with my potnas

She thought I was going to be a fool.

Fighting, Fucking and doing all that dumb dumb shit.

Welp… guess again.

I could have always done better,

But at that point..

I was sick of school.

To be honest I just was there to play ball.

Praying a scholarship for softball to fall,

But nahhhh I was not specialized enough.

Damn time flies,

Sitting in the middle of my living room trying to see what college to attend..

Yet no one schooled me on how that college life really works!!

So I just went to the first place that said CONGRATULATIONS YOU HAVE BEEN ACCEPTED…





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