“Hunnie, Child, Woosah … You Something Else”

All this time I thought you were a mastermind,

Hunnie, Child, Woosah… You Something Else.

From the way you walking those wicked legs with those funny shaped feet,

I thought you knew this energy been on repeat.

I see nothing but disrespectful ass lil kids,

Hands on their imaginary,

Gyrating hips,

Mouthy lips,

Sassy walks and tude,

Hunnie, Child, Woosah.. you something else,

Shall I say rude.

Half the time you cannot even get in groove,

Your mind be silently speaking,

But screaming move.

Hunnie, Child, Woosah… you something else,

Shall I say be more nice,

Or is it a waste,

Like a lil bitty cake slice from creative cakes,

Or your best bakery,

What is up with the fuckery, fakery, and flickery?

This is outrageous,

Hunnie, Child, Woosah…

You are something else.


You ever felt like your world was just full and there was no where to empty it. Man oh man… life can get crazy but still be cool yet semi chaotic. Hunnie, Child, Woosah.. cause I AM SOMETHING ELSE!!

I am not who you think I am,

You are not who you think you are..

How come? Cause if you still have to think about who you are something in that clever brain of yours has not registered yet. Be mindful some of us are not aged, young aged with old souls or just simply stupid and stuck. But hunnie, child, woosah. That does not mean bash the next. Dont stunt your growth. Dont jump out that boat and always remember if you dont want to keep up your legacy by recreating then make sure you find a dependable rain coat.

Now carry on hunnie cause childddd you might want to woosahhhh… Im something else!





#izzybtheauthor 📚


#bpaw 🐝🐾📱🗣📚✒️

#backtalkBEE 👥🐝

#AdultBlogging 🤤💦





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