If You Only Knew #backtalkBEE👥🐝

If you only knew pain before the rain.. If you only knew sunshine before my personal angels were gain. If you only knew your vehicle then there was no need to jump over in my lane. Outer appearance can be a creature, but smiling is my best feature. Never put yourself beneath anyone, if you only knew your smile is the reason why you have already won. Never stunt your growth, never worry if they liking what you do. Life too short for the nonsense, make some sense of yourself and push forward. If they hating you for who you are cool. Teach them the word of the week like they do in school.. WHO CARES?


Trying to figure out self in the midst of your chaotic journey can be very challenging as it should be. If people knew me, what I did, what I was capable of and how much progression that I have made over the last decade damn near of being out of high school.. they would say less and keep my gotdamn name to bare minimum. My a1s and day1s know there is nothing that can stop me but me. When i choose to do something good or bad my outcomes are always rewarding. I learn from everyone and every little thing I come across.. I am more than a boss. I am the founder of ME!!

Loving a woman like me or similar can be hard because we have tons of patience but very little tolerance. I still have not understood that but God built me powerful, gracious and soul warming because He knew the devil be busy swarming. He gave me a voice to speak, hands to write and strength to fight. I am an advocate for what is right. Just remember this is just a snippet of many stories, expressions, and clips.. just roll with one of God’s greatest creation and you’ll always catch a sensation.

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