#backtalkBEE #wiseWednesday

Love is not the same anymore, people do not love from the core. They love with objects. It is really getting overrated, outdated, null and void. It is getting tossed around like some chewed up dog toy. Ahoy!! Time to take you below sea level. And show you the drowning I faced. Rather it is hard pain or not, my damage cannot be replaced. It kilt me then, but made my skin into bricks..Now this lefty is pretty clefty creating some grits that sticks🤷🏽‍♀️


While there are many women chasing multiple dicks, me on the other hand just need one that sticks. Of course there will be Knicks, knocks and knacks; however, life with one lifetime partner that can reproduce and keep it truce, man oh man.. not only have you won, but you get crowned. And those 3 k’s get demolished. Those lonely nights,and silly fights become something to laugh at especially once the strength in the foundation is established.

Life is any game you want to take it as…There are several sports, some for self as well as some for the team. TipToes, I got cousins swinging like pros, artists that I admire and a few woes. You will never cross my family, or change my circle-square.


Forget it .. it’s Wednesday . Let’s BEE WISE !!






#izzybtheauthor 📚


#bpaw 🐝🐾📱🗣📚✒️

#backtalkBEE 👥🐝

#AdultBlogging 🤤💦





#LocsandStyles 🐝👏🏽💆🏽‍♂️💆🏽‍♀️

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