Babies, Babies, Babies

It’s a blessing how many babies are popping up, but more so the recycle for my family. Thank God for the greatest creation there is. I usually just write it but I pray we remain the tough skin. We just birth 3 future Kings and 1 future Queen within one month. Let us be the difference that the cycle of where broken homes end, share love with our mates and enjoy life with our beautiful families. I still believe I have about 6 or 7 more baby cousins entering this world before the year ends… Such a blessing to see. I am just honored to share my reproduction with greatness. I did not get to experience what I am experiencing now. I love every moment of it. I am soooo in love!!!

They are so innocent. They are so helpless until their strength is fully gained. They are super precious. One of the best moments in my life was learning I can create another life. Grant you that is a feeling that some do not get to experience; which sucks because any woman should be able to reproduce when they are eager too. Reproduction is important. That is how the children gets added to this world. That is how things recycle. That is how the world continues with history. Without reproduction there would be no more life.

God’s Will is powerful, He definitely made me a mother right on time. He gave me more reasons to go after what I believe. I stand much taller than I appear, and show no fear. God is blessing us with these babies to not just raise them, but turn them into the Kings and Queens that they already are.









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