Did You Know?

Did you know we fantasize more about winning the lottery than actually playing it?

Did you know we hinder our growth by being negative towards others’ success?

Did you know we are all smart and have the mind of doing great things?

Did you know we all have flaws?

Did you know that we are not here to compete against another unless it is an activity?

Did you know it is okay to not succeed at your initial plan because God’s plan for you is better?

Did you know your character grows as time changes?

See life is trying to make society tell us we suppose to have things together at this time and that time but in reality that’s when you are being the follower at all times. Learn to be leaders and followers to those that are going to help you grow. Do not kiss any one ass or try to live like others. Did you know your time is coming, it is here, it is near; in other words the present and present future is always circulating. As a person of this world, you must know how to put yourself in positive circles and follow the path God intended for you.

Did you know your faith only has to be as big of a mustard seed?

Did you know your time is not guaranteed?

Did you know you are going to succeed?

Did you know?

Did you know?

Did you know in order to be higher ,

you must think beyond a pro.

Did you know some people do not take Ls as a lost ? Instead they consider it a lesson.

Learn the difference of did you know and did you think.

Life is challenging and it’s many milestones to go. Just let go, adapt and flow to learn that losing is not an option.






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