“Stop Trying and Start Doing”

Stop trying and start doing.

Stop fucking and start making love.

Stop being negative and start becoming positive.

Stop wasting time and start utilizing it better.

Stop talking more and start doing plenty.

Stop making excuses and start making everything count for something.

Stop discouraging people and start encouraging randomly on a regular.

Stop shacking up and start getting committed.

Stop trying and just start doing.

Stop hating the next one success and start supporting.

Stop making trash before you get a permanent rash and start creating room for the present future.

Whatever you choose to do from this point just stop making excuses and start making changes.

Life do not want you to start with you finish, they rather see you stop dead in the middle of your best project.  Just make sense of your moves and do not slice those with a knife before you end up like those who have no other choice besides accepting life.









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