Y’all Tell Me #backtalkBEE👥🐝

Are we still looking for genuine love or still playing around with lust?

Are you people still filling up people’s tank with lies, or did we finally wake up to some senses?

This world is pretty tensed,

And half of yall brains are slightly dense,

Can y’all just stop it already?

Find someone who will keep things better than steady,

Love you pass everything,

Rock with you heavily.

Where’s the commitment these days?

Where are the winning plays?

Are there people still wanting and needing family and marriage?

Are there still people really being faithful and not falling for any temptation?

Life is so different when you become of age,

The things as a child that was rage ain’t shit compared to what we facing front stage.

Trying to understand the logic of life is a puzzle,

Sometimes you have to build a heavy muzzle and do your best to remain humble.

I’m just thinking as the person decided to fumble,

I picked up the ball,

Decided strong this time there will be no tackle,

No trip, No fall.

It’s straight to the end zone,


But y’all tell me, do people still want and need commitment or are they playing around in the playground with lust?



#izzybtheauthor 📚


#bpaw 🐝🐾📱🗣📚✒️

#backtalkBEE 👥🐝


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