“I was Hungry”

Through many years I have cried plenty tears. I never approached life in fears, but for this crazy world I had to continuously switch gears. Of course my tears were not always to celebrate great, God whispered, “Your time is coming just be patient, WAIT!” I had to remember keeping up with everyone else would make me late; so, I had to sit back and regain my faith.

Through the process I became more humble since I was quick to rumble. Every time my feet decided to stumble and let out a fumble, I had to stand on my grounds and not crumble. Then I heard a slight grumble.

I was hungry for change, I was hungry for the rearrange, I was hungry to empty out all my pain and find genuine to gain. I was hungry, I was hungry, I was hungry. I was hungry to see Janea again. I almost through in the towels because I felt I was becoming insane.

Then God stood me in the tall mirror showing my progress. He said “Look at you now, there is no need to frown.” For that moment I finally saw me again. I broke down in a silent cry. The lady asked me why? I told her if she would have seen me before this, you would understand why it was her that I miss.

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