“Shades of Skin”

Why do we use our two eyes to judge?

How come when you stare you look for body movements to budge?

Are you caramel,

Or do you look like some hot, dripping fudge?

Then again, you might one of those kind that are two shades of pale.

What are shades of skin?

Black, White, Tan, Purple, Brown, Blue, Rainbow, Orange, Yellow, possibly even Green…

Does it matter?

Will it help you out more to win?

Do yall forget any shade is deeply created from within?

So why judge using your two eyes when there is no one greater than another?

We all have shades of skin that includes body parts created from our father and mother.

A mouth for taste and talking,

A set of feet for moving, running and walking.

Two hands for touching, exploring and hugging.

Yet, yall out here constantly competing and bugging.

Violence still stands, and different shades of skin still lands; however, we are stuck in society where our tone of skin matters more than helping another out of quick sands.

Our skin tones of shade is like a battle of degrade; so, it is hard to celebrate like a parade.

Change your shade of skin that way you will not ever get played; nahhh watch your tone of voice for I show you how my skin will make your mind, body and soul feel delayed.




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