Find you someone who going to tell you when you dead ass wrong when you truly are… Find you someone who going to ride with you even when all of your tires all flatten. Find you someone who will uplift you instead of knocking you down to make their-self look better. Life ain’t easy, but find you someone who not trying any harder than it already is. Find someone who you help relieve the tension between your toes, shoulders, neck, thighs and stomach. Find someone who will always feed that hangry belly. Find you someone who want to see and feel you grow. Find you someone who won’t tell you no and will say yes to letting you love him or her. This goes both ways, find you that one who will not let you fight alone. Again this life ain’t easy, and sometimes it becomes your biggest competition.. hell find you someone who will not let you lose own your own and still show you how you winning. You just have to find you someone that you can build with and talk about anything even if you have to throw a stone.


Now that might hurt, just don’t throw a stone. Find you someone who wants peace, happiness, joy, quality, long last commitments and committees since when you bring two as one each is involved in other activities outside another.

Levels of thinking for what’s best could get outstanding, sometimes overwhelming when you feel like what’s best for you and your family is this but life can come smack you quick and say “Not this, but that” you began to move in alternate routes. Many of us are head strong and it can get a bit overbearing. Someone won’t ever admit. That’s when people cause closed minded answers and questions versus remain open. I say that is due to when you find someone or that someone find you. The trust levels have to be on one accord and final say so and that’s how it shall flow.


but, Find you, Find someone, Find peace, harmony and happily ever after since the light shines and clears those dark skies with less cries. Find you someone who going to push you to be greater than you are. Find you someone who will support your moves and inform you when you was in the wrong. Life to short to play by ear or living off any fear. Strong minds come as one when you find someone that can hit goals and achieve greatness. Forget being known and no more stones.. Find you someone who not looking a night cap and cream coffee, Find you someone who going to get it all breakfast, lunch snacks and that dinner. That’s the one who should be found. Find someone who going to keep your temperature balanced knowing things get pretty tough when you just want to share and capture dreams together, so you can win all plays. Yeah, finding someone is the goal, but what about keeping them?

#Reading is fundamental, and #writing is essential. That is two things this society say black African American was not called to do.. hell I can do both! #ShowYourself #ProveToSelf #Usehatersastepstools #backtalkbee👥🐝 #bpaw🐝🐾📱🗣📚✒️ #izzy🐝 #writerthoughts✒️💡 #FindSomeone

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