#backtalkBEE👥🐝 #bpaw🐝🐾📱🗣📚✒️

When you only want to get things right, the battle becomes a fight.

Not many people want to see you survive the day and make it through the night.

There are multiple personalities floating and boasting around the light,

How many can say they are loyal on sight and do everything, no hesitations that others just might?

Nothing but birds chirping,

Hardly any that is fully certain.

When you lose yourself in this world, God sits you straight down with nothing until He knows you can handle something.

Who can say they who are they are?

Does everyone really know where they suppose to be?

Do yall know your true callings?

Are yall really balling or just stalling?

How many of you can admit the fallings?

Poor decision occurs,

Life happens and send out blurs,

but do you watch it melt into evaporation leaving no satisfaction or thicken the gravy that gets stirred and watch the yumminess pours into greatness?

Pick a side when you want to do mainly right,

Make sure you know who you are and let minimum distract you and keep your bonds tight.

Life will throw a constant twist,

Send you the best opportunities that you don’t want to miss…

So before you hiss try to get that negativity dismissed.

Otherwise, you will experience the dump and be pissed.

#backtalkBEE👥🐝 #bpaw🐝🐾📱🗣📚✒️ #izzybee🐝 #writerthoughts✒️💡

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