Wish I was still a kid that could play….

Sitting outside listening to the sounds of play,

It excites me.

I enjoy it.

I yearn to hear what they have to share and say.

Kids are interesting,

Kids are intriguing,

Kids have their own way of thinking,

So why not push them further before their life began sinking.

Not sinking in a bad way,

It’s just this adult shit is overwhelming,

Slightly frustrating.

So damn demanding,

Too many out here commanding,

Not enough proper delegation.

My biggest thing is being who I am.

my smallest thing is letting others tell me no I cannot.

See when I was a kid, I just wanted to run here, run there… Be a little bit of everywhere.

I wanted to play, I wanted to get dirty and feel the mud.

I wanted to see bumps and scrapes,

I wanted to feel the breeze.

Life as a kid was fun and exciting.

So hearing the sound of excitement from this generation other than my own made me ecstatic in every kind of way.. I just loved it and wish I was still a kid that could play.

#IzzyBee #backtalkBEE #bpaw #WriterThoughts

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