It’s like you can’t tell society you this type of person because it needs to be written in black or white, but they would label you this type when you throw your hands up for a fight. It’s like you can’t tell society you feel this way or that way because they only out for themselves; yet, they want to stick they nose in your business when you never invited them. It’s like you can’t teach your kids right from wrong because society is against our people rising up and being strong. It’s like you can’t tell society I have a million dollar plan because in their mind they think they are better than you.

This world is pretty wicked alone, but when you know the separation to the allegations on down to the temptations you should stand up for what you believe and keep your faith so strong. Never let someone intimidate you because they claim to have better rankings, higher standards, or anything of that nature .. you know why…


we all have to eat, breathe, sleep, shit and piss. matter of fact we all bleed, wake up and have to walk and talk on this same earth. Therefore, stop letting people discourage you. Stop letting people tell you that your ideas are not great or better yet you too late and have way too much on your plate.

The more they tell me no will make me continue to rise up and tell myself yes.

#StandFirm #backtalkBEE #BPAW #IZZYBEE #WriterThoughts

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