Laughing to keep from crying…

Laughing to keep from crying out loud can only work so much,

Oh how I wish I could get just one more hug these days,

One last gentle touch.

You never know how your life will feel without one until you have to feel their spirit and search for them in the sky;

Oh how I wish you never said your final goodbye.

I was here,

You was there,

Dying slowly,

Now I have no one to understand the hidden cry…

You were taken away from me,

I felt stung like a bee,

Now I can only search for you through the breeze,

The feeling of sitting lonely in a tree.

You were my favorite person,

Until you introduce me to God.

He showed me He was you all that time,

I wish I could have you back…

Maybe I wouldn’t feel so off track.

You gave me so much laughter, love and life.

You were the reason why I never proceeded with any knife.

You showed me how to fight for my feelings and search for God to capture my healings. You were everything plus more; Yes indeed I love you from the core.

Although, you’ve been gone quite some time now, I still get tensed and a bit sore cause I can’t get the picture out my head when you and I last spoke. Why couldn’t I meet you one last time through that hospital door? It still hurts sometimes; yet a thousand smiles walk many of my miles. You’re my Guardian Angel and if I could have you back one last time, I know I would be overjoyed. Probably stuck in a trance that it is you, but willing to move closely and feel my heart shedding the blue .

I miss you every day,

I wish I could have it my way,

You would be back right this instance,

I have accepted we are at a distance;

However, my heart is still in resistance.



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