Writer Thoughts

How can I not be flustered? How could I stop my mind from being so cluttered? I just want a lil bread, heavily buttered; playing it forward with a group of people that’s clustered. Time heals the hurt, but why sit there and throw dirt?

Do you not understand the life most live has plenty of thrown stones? Do you know one will sacrifice their life because he or she cannot find a husband or wife? Life too short for the dumb shit, do you know people are real life crazy like a killer pit?

Wake up and realize you are not alone in this simple minded as world; wake up and realize you are not right because you get everything you want before you need, that’s just spoiled.

Life should not just be handed to you, yet it should not be taken from you without a fair chance… but a duck ass always taught me you do not get what you always deserve…



I should just dust her, it, or he,

Whoever that is wanting to block me.

I’m just writing random thoughts though,

but this could be real shit to one..

Izzy 🐝🖤™️




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