You ride for those who ride for you; but never be a fool for anything not anyone. Life can move so fast, and you not see the change until you get so much time on your hand.

The way I work can be anywhere around the clock between the hours of WHAT IS SLEEP?

I never knew I was not sleeping until I seen the amount of time I shut my eyes for rest. Even though your body will tell you when it is time to stop, you must be accountable for your health. My thing is being and getting involved with things in the world the right way. Life is not what you make it if you faking it #RealLifeRealStories #NoWorries #WHATISSLEEP?


I HAVE NOT SLEPT PROPERLY SINCE 2011, so for my life experiences most was my choosing, and losing is what I’m refusing. I have been on go, go , go…… BOOM ! STOP!! YOU DO NOT COLLECT , YOU MUST DIRECTLY GO TO THE CONFINEMENT… i got some much scoop and know that you wouldn’t know my alley loop. bihhh gonna be eating noodle soup #TFYT i’m always lets eat ready, hope you steady cause my minds pretty heavy and i’m liable to demolish you into the pieces like they did our levees ..

fwm i dare you, i will not only give you what you want, you will receive everything you need and that’s a guaranteed, you will never be left alive from not supporting your second seed.. for my E, i bleed.


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