#bpaw #backtalkBEE

Being a writer is pretty exciting; you literally get to be so creative that you do not understand how creative you can really be. I never know what to write about all the time, but I always have something to talk about which makes me want to write. Life as a writer can also be challenging, you can have so much to write about; yet, you are in a bamboozle brain fart to where you are unsure to start. More so, writing is extremely rewarding. You get to teach yourself about the characters that you create, you get to experience real life as well as a fictious one.

I also consider myself to be an author, I get to self-publish my ebooks which is one of my greatest project. Of course it has perks like any other business, but I enjoy the learning experience. I get to  learn about publishing, editing, and making books differently. An author is a rewarding journey because your words will be left upon the word even after you are gone. Therefore, that is a legacy for my kids to look forward too.

Now when I have something to speak about, my tone of voice changes accordingly; we considered this to be a poet. My words rhyme, land right on time, and more so drop within a second of a dime. Being a poet for me is building my self confidence. I am one who struggles with speaking due to how much slang and vulgar language I use; yet, when I realized the intensity and messages I can put across the world; I just knew I had to start speaking up. I am not sure how many people have been keeping up with me but if you are reading this thank you. It extremely means alot.

Then there is blogging, what is in the blogs? Who wants the juice? Overall, blogging can be great for business as well. You are showing how open minded you are to what is all around. Therefore, when blogging stay on task, have fun and bee you. I have learned jumping from subject to subject is cool, but one must be ready to explain their work, as well as be prepared to keep talking about the work that is already written.

I am #bpaw #blogger #poet #author #writer

I love to see words, pick them apart, and give them more meanings.


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