I can tell you many stories, play many games, send out many blames; but, it’s I who chose to go that route, choosing the risky roads of the south. I wished for my life a long time ago, just never knew it was going to turn out like this… when I met Karma and found out she was dat bitch, I just knew I had to turn back into the 🐝 #timesup #nocompetition #itstimeforsomedetention #inschoolandoutofschoolsuspenion #possiblyexplosionfucktheexpelled #itsnothingtowordsomeshitright #myniggaletshootthepool #yourhandsshouldntbeetied

#backtalkBEE 👥🐝

I imagined my life so differently until God woke me up with my first baby boy. I just knew life was real, and should not be mistreated like a toy. Time is something we cannot gain back, and many of us do not understand completely until they see dead bodies repeatedly. I just knew man, when I knew my first few plans was epic failure. I was given a chance but not the fair chance. I just took experience and ran with it. I thank God for the circles of life that was created for me that has been uplifting me.. I must stay they are the most amazing line of people; even the sour worms… i love y’all too! i needed step stools since i’m standing 5 feet nun anyway..

well life must go on and through it all I am still holding strong .. the beauty is natural and have many people allergic cause they stay coming around with that fake shi💩😈🖤☺️👥🐝

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