I am red.

Having too much pride can fuck you up inside, but when you are mean af and tell a muthafukka how they not gonna play you, your praises get blessed .. that’s pretty weird I must say. shouldn’t the acknowledgment be the other way, where I can bee nice and remain positive to one’s feelings and share healings…

Now they trying to figure out how I am making a way? Life is not a piece of cake, so, why should we be considered animals and criminals because of a wake and bake, dip and sip? man y’all wilding, they got muthafukkas out here gliding and sliding away with bad reputations… smh I love when I hear things about me… but I never answer to it just cause I am a one track minded bee. that’s call slow rising, quiet tracks.

Buzzing high, stinging low, I am not the wrong one I just move with the natural flow. I hold it down, I keep it streets to the smarties, I am the one who hardly had any school tardies…

I never been the bee to flaunt what I do not what I have…nor what I have because it’s not me. I am not the stunted out chick from the block, or the nigga with the glock. I am just someone buzzing high, stinging low trying to move around on the clock. STOP.

I do not want you to get pop, and I do not want you to hop. I am not afraid of any cop; When you have too much pride, your mind is really fucked up. So, if you are holding any higher title than I, and want to boast it extra high to the sky, go head… Enuff said,

my pride is dead… time is valuable to me. fuck it if you do not like it… I am red.



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