where ya 🖤 at

When it’s all said and done everything I do is for you,

Not sure if I am bleeding red, black or blue,

But for you, going hard is what I do.

Many may never understand our pain,

Many will never understand how much we gain,

But by the night fall,

We stand tough,

Even if there is a no call no show,

We going to get it done…

When God gave you to me..

I knew I won.

I knew He was listening.

Where ya 🖤 at?

Baby boy it is with you,

Anything that brings you to success,

We not giving up,

that 💩 is pretty poo.

Now where ya 🖤 at,

it’s with the building crew,

it’s with the life long commitments,

it’s the bonds that cannot be broken,

You’re your own gold token,

and even if you get provoked..

Remember when you see a baby, you hit em,

Show whoever that hard stroke.

Make sure they know you alive and woke.


Since you been playing football, you never been out the game. You never experienced the sideline. You are one of the few that gets pushed the hardest. I thank God for that, cause mentally look where I’m at. Been raising you alone since you were born. Just thankful for the support system around who been holding us down with no sound. You’re my little love, but my favorite athlete. I love you crazy kid!! My 🖤 bleeds for you, my 🖤 grinds for you, anything for you I make it my mission to do. That’s where my heart is… my 🖤 is for you☺️

silent moves, nothing more, nothing less.. go hard, work harder, so in the end you and I can play the hardest. #Jordan20 #bpaw #backtalkbee

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