Summer Rain

Summer rain,

slow drips,

constant stumbles and light falls, silly trips.

Many look up,

And many forget how they once stepped in a puddle and slipped.

I’m thinking back as far as my first year of high school,

When I was in English learning about Pip.

Then I gradually began to smoke and sip.

Talking back with that disrespectful lip.

Fucking up,

Fighting with self,

I never wanted to be attached to the hip.

Yet, I stayed on point.

Then it was back to the nola,

I had to get away from that racist shit,

Time to dip.

Oh yeah,

So many wanted me to be down for the blood, g’s and crip..

Yet, you was not fucking me into anything,

And after my first lost in a fight..

I told myself never will I get my ass whip.

Summer rain,

thinking about the pain.

I tell people I love to write poetry,

Yet, my voice so monotone for spoken,

Now, I need to speak up…

Passion about what I love is my golden token.

And if I let this summer rain drive me insane, I may never know what it feels like to shower heavily in my own lane.

Yes, This my thing.

I’m the bee that’s buzzing high,

and the pit who barks low

I shower my thoughts in summer rain,

I shall not be monotone anymore.

Time to release,

Share what is really in my core.






#bpaw 🐝🐾📱🗣📚✒️

#backtalkBEE 👥🐝

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