Molly, The Maid

Molly, the maid, always cleaning something up, raising a young pup, and be productive in making herself better. According to everyone else she just needs to stay laid.

Molly, the maid, hurting in the inside but she never shows it. Molly, the maid has very little ego pride. Molly, the maid includes X-rated versions and many claim she need a diversion; yet, they pass her up splashing with puddles of water in their top notch excursion and brand new ride.

Molly the maid is a person who goes highly unnoticed, but will still turn your world into pure happiness even when everything hits the negative points. The joy of life is everything but what society bring stings and sings things that dings and pings. Now the trouble rings.

Molly, the maid.

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